User Education

Mitigating risks at the edge and increasing resiliency through enablement

By educating individuals about safe online practices, identifying phishing, and good digital hygiene measures, organizations are able to create a more robust line of defense. 

Our solutions empower your users to recognize and respond to digital threats through awareness and training.

This practice not only reduces the risk of attacks but also fosters a culture of security by making users active partners in protecting against cyber threats.

Security Awareness

Educational program aimed at raising awareness and training users in cybersecurity practices, with the aim of making users aware of cyber risks and enabling them to adopt safe digital behaviors.

Social Engineering (Phishing) Testing

End-to-end security-biased development practices development solution


With the use of gamification, automated campaigns to test your organization’s awareness and provide insights for improvements and risk mitigation

Secure Digital Transformation

Action plan for building a cybersecurity mindset in the organization’s processes

Global Service Capability

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