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We are +800 global experts committed to co-creating solutions for a better and safer world. We co-create in our growing ecosystem in a flexible and agile way, facing business challenges and designing disruptive and customer-centric solutions, to co-create with our customers, robust security strategies.

We are a one-stop-shop for cybersecurity, with a broad portfolio of end-to-end  solutions  tailored to the complexity of your business: from IT environments to critical infrastructure, we are the ideal partner to tackle the challenging cyber landscape ahead. 

We’re leading the cybersecurity revolution in the new era that’s coming: the age of AI vs. AI.

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+20 specialized certifications

About Stefanini Group

Innovation, Technology & Talent

We are here to make your success our main goal. With a presence in 41 countries and a team of more than 32,000 highly trained professionals, we are one of the largest Brazilian multinationals to conquer the world. We are among the top 100 technology companies on the planet.

Imagine having a team of experts by your side that not only tackles your business challenges, but embraces them with passion. We work tirelessly alongside you to create bespoke solutions that drive the innovation needed to ensure your business not only survives, but thrives in the digital age.

Our approach is based on a comprehensive analysis of the business and a broad view of the market. This allows us to create custom solutions that deliver seamless digital transformations, deliver fast results, and leave a lasting impact on your entire business.

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