Risk Assessment

Facing the threat

Our risk assessment services help our clients identify vulnerabilities and exploitation paths within IT infrastructures, while meeting compliance requirements in periodic testing of critical systems. The potential damage of a cyberattack cannot be underestimated. 

Penetration testing and social engineering, vulnerability assessments, and hacker-point assessments are strategic ways to mitigate many risks.

Our solutions give organizations the ability to test, assess, and realign their security posture, with visibility into vulnerabilities and critical points of exposure.

Penetration Testing (PenTest)

Test your cybersecurity capability, uncover weaknesses in systems, preserve corporate reputation, test your employees’ security awareness, and adopt new security postures

Simulation of a real attack with a focus on assessing the level of internal and external security of the target, exposing potential vulnerabilities, risks, and opportunities for remediation.

Under a pre-arranged agreement, our cybersecurity experts act as hackers and attempt to exploit existing vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure by providing a detailed review of the vulnerabilities discovered.

Social engineering (phishing) testing

Simulation of Social Engineering attacks, to verify weaknesses of organizations and their employees

Vulnerability Assessment

Gain visibility into real-world attack vectors that can impact your organization’s physical, data, and IT security assets.

Vulnerability scanning allows you to take a proactive approach to closing any gaps and maintaining strong security for your systems, data, employees, and customers. Along with penetration testing, it is an essential component in a comprehensive network security and cybercrime prevention protocol.

Managing the Surface Exposed to External Attacks

Assess your organization’s external attack surface (EASM) from an attacker’s perspective

Continuously assess cybersecurity posture using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Generate and evaluate your score, and compare it to your market segment

Assess the risk of vendors and trading partners and have recommendations for actions to improve the organization’s security posture, including remediation of known vulnerabilities and security best practices.

Global Service Capability

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