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Operational Technology (OT) cybersecurity is an essential component of protecting the uptime, safety, and security of industrial environments and critical infrastructure.

OT in an IoT world

Stefanini supports companies with Cyber OT in various industries – including manufacturing, food and beverage, oil and gas, mining, chemical and petrochemical.

Our expertise and advisory posture enables these companies to protect operational technology assets, systems, and processes, protecting them from cyberattacks and enabling them to comply with stringent regulatory requirements.

Our context-aware security solutions – which we provide for both operational technology and Internet of Things technology – use supervisory control and acquisition (SCADA) systems to monitor and respond to incidents.

Fundamentally, our approach to OT cybersecurity includes the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions.

In industrial environments, security and risk management leaders not only worry about the challenging landscape of data leakage and other cyber risks, but also need to worry about the dangers of the physical world to humans and the impact on the environment. 

In the critical infrastructure landscape, attacks in the digital world can have adverse effects on the physical world.

Our Cyber OT Capabilities

Our methodology covers the entire implementation cycle of an industrial cybersecurity solution

Threat Detection

Get exceptional network and endpoint visibility, advanced threat detection, and AI-powered data analytics. Designed to help security teams, our solution helps reduce the time it takes to detect threats and anomalies, monitor environments and physical assets from level 0, and work in an integrated, efficient, and coordinated manner.

Maturity Assessment

Assess your maturity, architecture, device and risk inventory, and have recommendations for protection measures in accordance with international frameworks and standards (IEC 62443).


Implement network protection measures, mitigate risks, and harden your environments in accordance with international standards

Incident Response

Have a highly trained team for rapid incident detection and analysis.
Proactively receive analysis of security threats with recommendations for containment measures.
Have field staff to support the customer in cases of threat eradication and system recovery


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